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Prosperity & Abundance digital art exclusive rights to own distribute modify & multiply

The digital art I made is a combination of my digitally enhanced drawing and bindrunes for the health and good luck. It took me about 4 hours to make it. 


Piece is exclusive to the buyer ( one unique download). This means that once you buy this image you are the legal owner. 

Buyer agreement is saved inside of the BCH ABC blockchain and can't be changed the same like your BCH buyer transaction. 

BitcoinCash blockchain will confirm the sale and ownership, so do not lose your keys. 

Attribution is already on an image, I sign it. I do not support the Moral act of the Copyright law for digital art, so a buyer/owner may also modify the image. 

Middle part of an image is left almost empty with enough space to do so in purpose. This is also the case suitable for the owner as he will be able to create multiple copies and decorate it an each in own taste. 

Short description of an image, theme and meaning

On the image you have two couples representing the togetherness, unity and love - an each couple is represented by the man with the beard and a woman in a gown embracing each other . The left couple represents the inner wealth or abundance and the right one the material wealth or prosperity. 

Laterally of an each couple is a scroungy figure of an old hunchback man with a long beard that looks like he is leaving. The left figure represents the illness and right the poverty. 

Middle part of an image has a shadow of an upward turn triangle which represents upward movement, trinity of natural powers, doorway to the wisdom, ambition and growth. 

This triangular shadow is almost empty with only the background ornamentation and left for you to decorate it if you desire so, add icons or images, your name or your wishes to become. 

I called an image Prosperity & Abundance and added appropriate title on the bottom of it with a special font in golden color. 

Additional markings

Right bottom corner contains my name and link to the buyer agreement permanently stored into a BCH ABC blockchain. 

Artwork labels

created by aschatria 

title: Prosperity & Abundance

date: July 2020

technique: digital, mix technique, poster

dimensions: 1144 x 689 pixels

price: 15 USD current market equivalent to BCH ABC at the time of the buying


When sold on w/ ownership confirmed by BCH ABC blockchain I grant the buyer perpetual right to own distribute modify & multiply the digital art Prosperity & Abundance by aschatria 7/2020 1144x689px



Once unlocked download the content and save it, so that you don't loose the access to it due to the possible IP change.

Thank you.