REVIEW of crypto-micro-blogging and crypto-blogging websites

The two weeks ago I chose to review a few websites that I thought would be a good ones to use. Not all of them are everybody's cup of tea but the ones I listed below are the ones I particularly like. 

Just for the record this is a prolong review and more detailed review with all links in one place than the one I published on my other crypto blogging websites, and all listed websites offer some sort of a reward either in ETH tokens or in cryptocurrency. 

I was advised to cut of the 50% of the genuine list that I was reviewing, and to definitely cut down on my social media websites picking only a few favorites, so that I have enough time for something else. Spreading too thin is never a great thing. 

I didn’t choose the websites just because I can earn a lot on them but also based on how much feedback I received on the discussions and how satisfied I was in general by using that application or the website.

All websites are predominately populated with the English speaking audience and have general thematic. 

I included the approximate worth of the coins in US ( worth of coins/tokens at the moment of the writing of this article) , exchange markets and their contacts like the Twitter, Telegram or Discord where you can reach out and get all the information first hand fast. All links in the article are visible, so you can't click on something by not knowing what it is.

Wordcount: 2000, no images

Once unlocked copy the entire content and save it for reading, so that you don't loose the access to it due to the possible IP change.

Thank you. I hope you will find it useful.

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